Recipe–Rebecca on Ree–Spicy Grilled Vegetable Panini

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I went on a needed grocery run.  To keep Little Man out of the way, I set him on the counter.  While I unloaded the groceries he. . .

  1. Drank the entire container of yellow food coloring
  2. Smeared whipped butter around
  3. Ate the last piece of Cowboy Quiche.

Now I was most upset about. . . .#3–the last piece of Cowboy Quiche gone, because Cowboy Quiche tastes great at room temperature when you are hungry from grocery shopping.

226 copy

I wasn’t the only one hungry after grocery shopping.  I needed a quick lunch for everyone or the cereal bowlS would come out, and I would lose the battle on Healthy Eating.

So I made grilled cheese sandwiches.

If you don’t think that is healthy eating, all I can say is. . .

. . .

. . .

I know.

But it fills the tummies, which balances the blood sugar levels, which stops the bickering, which brings peace, which is my small contribution to the whole world peace issue.  Maybe I should start a movement.  Grilled Cheese for World Peace!

And now that the kitchen has cleared out.  Let’s make an adult grilled cheese sandwich.

Now as adults we call it a “Panini”–which elevates it from “Harried Housewife’s Cheapo Sammy” to a “William & Sonoma Specialty”.  SPICY FRILLED VEGETABLE PANINI (pg. 53)

229 copy

Since the kiddos have all left the kitchen, it is now safe to break out the vegetables.  I think it might even be safe to lay down mushrooms.  The kiddos are all feed, so they won’t think that I am trying to sneak mushrooms into their food.  Therefore, they won’t dissect their food at meal time searching for a possible mushroom somewhere.

228 copy

Now I don’t know when in time this couple got married, but they are a perfect pair.  A long standing couple that gets invited to the best events and gathering.  Yet despite their high social standing, they can be found mixing comfortably at basement bistros and backyard BBQ’s.  Truly  a classic couple.  Mr. Olive Oil and Mrs. Vinegar.

230 copy

Mr. Olive Oil and Mrs. Vinegar are having a Mixer.  They invited the summer crowd.  Mrs. Lola Pepper came in a lovely red dress.  Mr. Xavier Zucchini looked fresh in his Golf Masters inspire green jacket.  And Miss Summer herself wore her light cotton yellow sundress.  The Summer Crowd marinated in the shade with Mr. Olive Oil and Mrs. Vinegar while . . .

231 copy

. . .while the Mushroom Gang gathered on the Iron Skillet with the always present Mrs. Butter.  They danced some hot numbers before being joined by Mr. Olive Oil and Mrs. Vinegar who joined them in their dance for about 5 minutes.

233 copy

Mr. Hot Pepper Jelly was shy.  He had been invited to his first Mixer, and he didn’t know where to stand or with whom to mingle.  He had never been invited to the Breakfast Club–despite the fact that he was a jelly.  And Ms. Peanut Butter had always obnoxiously ignored him at any Lunch Bunch meetings.  Now here he was at a mixer, yet he didn’t know how to mix.

239 copy

Then the most lovely southern lady came along.  Ms. Miracle Whip cast Mr. Hot Pepper Jelly a side-long glance, then asked him to take a spin on the dance floor with her once or twice.  Mr. Hot Pepper Jelly couldn’t have been happier.  They stayed together for the rest of the evening.

235 copy

The Summer Crowd had thoroughly mixed when they realized that they were missing their good friend Mr. Big Boy Tomato.

236 copy

Arriving fashionably late, Mr. Big Boy Tomatoe arrived at the party with a zesty Ms. Pepper Jack Cheese.  No one could fault him for long.  Big Boy was well loved, and his new companion definitely added some zing to the party.

251 copy

Now it was the Summer Crowd’s turn to do a hot number.  They took a turn on the grill.

253 copy

But they eventually rejoined the inside group for a final number.

254 copy

They mixed well with the Mushroom Gang and the newly arrived Ms. Pepper Jack Cheese.  Mr. Hearty Bread made everyone feel at home, and finally called everyone together for the last dance of the night.

256 copy

The floor was crowded, but everyone just squeezed together and took one last turn or two.

257 copy

The party was a success.  New friendships had been formed.  New couples had paired up.  Ms. Pepper Jack Cheese made quite a hit, and Mr. Pepper Jelly felt like he finally knew where he belonged–swirling around with lovely Ms. Miracle Whip.

259 copy

The group parted company in new groups.  It was a fabulously successful summer mixer.  For the rest of the summer they often made reference to that Spicy Grilled Vegetable Panini Party.

The Summer Mixer was such a success that it was decided that the Panini Party should be followed by an Ice Cream Social.

240 copy

The cool crowd was invited.  The Frozen Baby Food Gang showed up in force, showing all their flavors and colors.

242 copy

The cool Frozen Baby Food Gang travel light.  They bring 100% pure fruit and nothing else.

244 copy

It doesn’t take much for the Frozen Baby Food Gang to slip out of their seats and join the party.  

Our Arabic friend Mr. Vanilla Yogurt joined the group, along with our sweet neighbor Miss Honey.  Miss Lemon added a sparkle, and Mr. One Cup of Water joined everyone together for several turns on the dance floor.

The Ice Cream Social was the perfect finish to a Summer Panini Party.

That concludes this week’s Social Column.

Your Roving Reporter,


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2 Responses to Recipe–Rebecca on Ree–Spicy Grilled Vegetable Panini

  1. trixfred30 says:

    Those sandwiches look delicious! And I find the hungrier the children are the less fussy they become. Mind you my youngest would have to be at the point of fainting before he’d even look at a mushroom….


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