She Said–Postcards from Up in the Michigan U.P.–Day 9

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.  Today we head home.  I wasn’t sure I was ready to leave as several large-ish things awaited us when we got home–Backyard VBS and Michigan Family Camp.  Both of these events needed more work in the Creative Energy department, and I find the Creative Energy Department about as draining as running a 5K.  We do Bible skits at both of these events, and creating a skit from a blank Word document exhausts me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love doing it, but creativity is draining.

091 copy

But first let’s eat some breakfast.

092 copy

Scrambled eggs, bacon (of course), and grits.  Grits are a southern dish of dried hominy.

094 copy

My momma was from the South, so we were raised on beans and rice, grits, collard greens, jambalaya, etc. . .  Now my kids are being raised on beans and rice, grits, jambalaya, but they can’t swallow collard greens.

096 copy

Dishes.  There are always dishes.  But after dishes and packing up came. . . .

104 copy

DOUGHNUTS!!!from the Wilderness Park General Store.

The Hunni had made a doughnut run earlier in the week, but all the doughnuts had been eaten before I woke up enough to realize what I was missing.

098 copy

And since EVERYTHING reminds me of a book, let me here tell you about Homer Price by Robert McCloskey (who also illustrates the book.)

The book is as funny as the illustration on this front cover.  Among other adventures, Homer Price learns how to operate the doughnut machine at the local diner, and like on other adventures, Homer Price doesn’t know when to stop.

099 copy

We arrived at the Wilderness Park General Store just as some doughnuts were coming off the line.

100 copy

The recipe for all the doughnuts is the same, only the toppings differ.

097 copy

I generally choose a Maple Dip, Eloise always chooses the one with sprinkles, and the kiddos along with The Daddi like chocolate.

102 copy

This was the sign hung above the Doughnut Machine.  That would be 612,786 doughnuts.

101 copy

Now at $10 a dozen, that equals out to $6,127,860????  Did I do the math correctly??  Seems like I need to buy a doughnut machine.

105 copy

The doughnuts are not “kind of good”.  They are really, really, really, really good!

107 copy

We headed down the back roads of Michigan with a doughnut in our hands and a song in our hearts.

108 copy

We had a very happy vacation, and we were thankful.

119 copy

We had to take some back roads as we were headed to Traverse City for lunch and some cherry pie.  We entered the “town” of Bliss, Michigan where we found a general store, a cemetery, one house, and. . .

111 copy

POLO FIELDS!!!!  Here?  In ruralville?  I looked around to see if I had missed something, but no.  Bliss was a cemetery, a house, a general store, and POLO FIELDS.

114 copy

I have never seen a polo game, so we stopped the car and watched for a bit.

116 copy

“Hockey on a horse,” was my son’s description.  I was surprised that it was really interesting and thought how fun it would be to be able to ride a horse well enough to play polo.

118 copy

Here is a link to the Bliss Polo Fields.  And here is another link.  

Another unexpected surprise on this unexpected vacation.

134 copy

We took route C81 until we reached State Route 31 which runs along the edge of Lake Michigan–going through Petoskey, Charlevoix, and finally Traverse City.  We saw several signs for fresh cherries, and finally stopped and bought some.

137 copy

Cherry stained we continued along the lake.  There were several summer fairs, sailboat regattas, and other local events that made the drive interesting, but slow.

145 copy

I really wanted some sour cherries for a pie, so we stopped again.

147 copy

Friske Orchards is part store, and part restaurant,(hot sandwiches and pies), and. . .

154 copy

. . .part fruit stand, and. . .

159 copy

. . .part gift shop, and. . .

162 copy

. . .part petting zoo, and. . .

151 copy

. . .part kitchen gadget central.  I loved all the kitchen baking gadgets.

158 copy

I wanted to buy this cherry pitter that screws on top of a Mason Jar, but decided that the unfolded paper clip I have always used worked just fine.  I bought some sour cherries then headed back outside to the kiddos.

142 copy

They had stretched their legs and so once again we piled back into the car.

163 copy

Up North is snowmobile country.  The roads and restaurants all cater to the snowmobile crowd.  Hotels up in the U.P. don’t plow their parking lots as most of their visitors come in on snowmobiles.  Across the roads in the U.P. there are road patches where snowmobiles can cross a cleared road without damaging the surface.  The Great Lakes dump a lot of snow Up North, and if you like winter, it truly is a wonderland.

165 copy

Lunch had been a long time in coming, and tempers were all short.  We stopped at a Crepes restaurant only to learn it had closed 3 minutes prior.  Parking with a trailer in Traverse City was difficult and when we finally found this restaurant, we pulled in.

166 copy

Unwittingly, we had stopped at a local favorite–The Chef’s In.

167 copy

The Chef’s In is a hot sandwich stop, and here you write up your own order.

169 copy

The chef then grills up your sandwich while you watch.

170 copy

Soup is also on the menu, and also delicious–turkey, wild rice, with veggies.

173 copy

I ordered a Ruben, and loved every bite!  Taken separately, I am not crazy about corned beef, or sauerkraut, or Swiss cheese, or Thousand Island dressing or rye bread, but somehow altogether, the combination is wonderful.  There is some debate about the origins of the Reuben sandwich with Omaha claiming it’s origins as well as New York.  Old menus have been compared and debated and the verdict is clear.  Omaha claims origin. New York claims origin.

182 copy

In the same shopping complex, there was a Grand Traverse Pie Company restaurant, so we walked over for a slice of pie and a coffee (excellent pie and horrible coffee.)

181 copy

Baseball Boy loves chess, so he played a game with his sister.

175 copy

(For some reason, I found this painting funny.)

We thought about driving out to see Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, but time and daylight just wouldn’t allow another side trip.  The kiddos were ready to get home, and The Mommi and The Daddi were beginning to feel the same way.

File:Sleeping Bear Dune Aerial View.jpg(photo from here.)

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore remains on our “To Do in Michigan” list.  We dropped down to the city of Cadillac and headed on a diagonal (State Route 115) to Mount Pleasant.  Along the way we saw this. . . .

183 copy

The Hunni said, “Looks like the trailer was trying to pass itself.”

We had friends in Mount Pleasant, and we decided that we were going to call them even at the risk of being inopportune.

189 copy

We only gave them about 30 minutes notice, but they were very gracious and asked us to stop in for coffee.  Now for some reason, I sometimes get shy about my whole blogging life, and I hesitate to photograph people I love.  Things are easy to photograph, but sometimes photographing a person seems–invasive or something.  So I snapped a photo of the coffee,. . .

186 copy

. . .and the kids (3rd cousins). . .

190 copy

. . .and the amazing wood shop (The Hunni’s dream shop!!!)

. . .but I didn’t photograph the people we came to see.

191 copy

Well, okay, I have shots of the cousins, but not of Greg and Karin.  Greg is a university professor, and my husband is a pilot.  Greg is academic, and my husband is manual labor.  You would think that they wouldn’t have much in common, but the funny thing is they get along great.  Karin and I are both teachers and share the love of teaching and kids and cooking and travel and many other things, so I find her very easy to talk to.  Our “20 minute stop to say hello and have a coffee” turned into a two hours stop.  And a wonderful time.

192 copy

Remember that I said The Hunni was about manual labor?  He decided to see if he could pump up a car tire with a bike pump!!  It took a bit, but he did it!  And it was a good thing he decided on this method of Energy Exertion, because we got a call on my phone that I had left my purse behind.  Greg and Karin thought we were 20 minutes south by now, but no, we were only two blocks away.

193 copy

From Mt. Pleasant, it was a long, rainy, drive home.  It was time to end this trip.  We had seen three of the Great Lakes bordering Michigan.  It was an unexpected trip (went because we won the District Tournament).  It was unexpectedly beautiful up in the Michigan U.P. (our first time up there.)  It was unexpectedly fun.  (I had some reservations about trailer and kid hauling for a week without The Hunni around.)  And it was a somewhat unexpected good-bye.  We have plans to move to Florida this fall/winter and are heading down this coming week to house hunt.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure up in the Michigan U.P.  Please come along with us as we explore Florida and make it our new home.


P.S.  If you are just now joining us, you can follow our entire trip via these links.

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14 Responses to She Said–Postcards from Up in the Michigan U.P.–Day 9

  1. trixfred30 says:

    I’d love to see how you eat those donuts and drink that coffee and drive a car at the same time. I dont drink coffee in the car anymore since an unfortunate episode where my laptop slid off the passenger seat, hit my coffee cup in its holder which then took out my air conditioning and ruined all the buttons on the radio


    • whitsendmom says:

      WoW! You are really talented to do so much damage with just a cup of coffee! (sorry about the air and radio–that couldn’t have been cheap.)


  2. Anonymous says:

    FLORIDA??? Quite a change…may the Lord guide and keep you there!!! Must have been a super memorable vacation!!! Thanks for the blogs!!


  3. Dad and Mom Whit says:

    I think I was talking to you on the phone when you spotted the cherries. A very quick conversation! What a journey! Thanks for the travelogue and so thankful the Lord kept you all along the way. Beautiful pictures and family (a little prejudice).


  4. Lisa says:

    I loved your trip! So fun to read whilst nursing this baby of mine. A nice break indeed. Your trip made me feel like I did something fun this summer . . . which I didn’t actually do. For we bought a house and it’s draining our every last minute and dime. I’m excited to move to Florida with you ~ bloggy-style of course. 🙂


    • whitsendmom says:

      We hope to buy a place in Florida, and I believe our vacationing days will be over for a long while–but hopefully people will come down to see us!


  5. Angie W. says:

    Loved reading about your trip! It is probably as close as I will ever get to the U.P. Florida? Wow. Fun! And now I want a donut. Homemade, of course.


  6. whitsendmom says:

    Just wondering if you have any plans of blogging about your move to Montana? I’m sure you will have some stories to share!


  7. pJ says:

    Wow! Blessings and strength from the Lord on your big change coming up! Very happy for you!


  8. natalie says:

    It was so great to trail along with you all on your trip to the U.P.! The donuts look delicious and so does the reuben (one of my favorite sandwiches!). Praying for a prosperous trip to Florida! ♥


  9. Kelly K says:

    The Friske Orchards place interests me because the Spouse’s mom is from the U.P.; her mother’s maiden name was Friske. Your Florida news is exciting!


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