Newspaper Headlines From Here to There, Day 2 Part 6: Pacific Coast Road Trip–Napa Valley–Perfect Picnic


Newspaper Headlines From Here to There: The Perfect Picnic

Are we still in Napa?  How is it possible that one stop has given us seven Newspaper Headlines?  Napa is just a wonderful place.

Picnics in pictures look perfect.  Picnics on Pintrest look perfect.  But my reality is that picnics in real life are a little messy, itchy, spilly, luke-warm, and require a lot of clean up.  Now, however, thanks to Rob and Jackie, this Whitaker Family has experience The Perfect Picnic.


After a stop at the Oakville Grocery Store,  where we loaded up our shopping baskets with sandwiches, desserts, sodas, and salads, we drove to a local vineyard for our picinic



We were going to have our picnic at Tres Sabores, a winery where Rob and Jackie have a membership.  Tres Sabores is off the beaten path, and I loved seeing a little of the back roads of Napa.


When we arrived, the table was ready for us.


Our tables were right under large oak trees, . . .

(photo by Jackie)

. . .where we sat down and for just a moment took in the view.


“It is out of a Pintrest Picture,” I thought.  “It couldn’t be more perfect!”

(photo by Jackie)

(photo by Jackie)

To add to the ambience there were three resident Golden Retrievers that completed the charming effect.


“Thank you LORD,” I silently prayed.  “This really is beautiful.  Thanks for today.”


I don’t really remember the food.  I more remember the feeling–cool air with warm sunshine, fellowship and food, my family and my friends, dogs running around, my son running around, and “the sunshine of HIS grace” shining down on us.

(photo by Jackie)


Happy, sparkly times.


After dessert, Rob and Jackie had scheduled a tour of the Tres Sabores vineyard and the wine making process.


The grapes had been harvested in October, so now they were right in the middle of the wine making process.


I love gardening and find almost any subject related to farming interesting, so I enjoyed learning more about wine production.


They were cleaning out barrels, and getting ready to fill them with the crushed grape juice.


From there the barrels would be placed in their cave for differing amounts of time with differing blended formulas.  However, they are not just left alone, but are checked everyday.

(photo by Jackie)

During the tour, Little Man was running around the vineyard.


Climbing trees, climbing the outside of the cave, and generally have a wonderful time outdoors.


In fact, within the first five minutes of arriving, he befriended the golden retrievers.


He loves dogs, and they in turn love him.  He laid on the ground to intruduce himself, and make friends.


He had a gift of a stick for the dog, and soon the two of them were playing fetch.


(photo by Jackie)

They disappeared for periods of time, and I knew that I was not the only person in the Whitaker family having a perfect day.


Mr. Adorable still wasn’t feeling 100%, and was still young enough to need a nap, so we missed Jackie while she stayed with him.


Once awake, he was running around the vineyard as well.


The tour concluded with a trip to the barns.


We peeked in on the animals. . .


Some chickens, guinea hens, sheep, and such. . .


. . .before coming back to the little farmhouse for one last look around and a bathroom break.


By this time Little Man was hungry again, and finished off the last of the picnic foods.


What a happy day.  It was like the perfect date, the perfect picnic, the perfect walk-about, and the perfect family+friend time all rolled up together.


We were a little wind blown, a little sun-kissed, happily full, and happily energized.


The glass was neither half-full nor half-empty, it was completely enjoyed.


A truly wonder-filled day.

(photo by Jackie)

BUT WAIT! There is still supper!


. . .and a walk around the town of Yountville!


We visited The French Laundry gardens where Jackie joked about eating a piece of lettece so she could say she had eaten at THE French Laundry.


From there we headed to Redd Wood’s for supper.


The food was fabulous.  Rob started us off with meatball appetizers.


I must admit that by this time I was fading.  Yesterday, I had been up for 24 hours, and last night I had only slept 6 1/2 hours, and I felt myself slowing down.


The girls still had plenty of energy and headed outside for a fashion shoot in the courtyard.


They really are the best of friends!  My Sugar and my Spice.





We had a drive over the hills to our accommodations for the night, and I just sat back in my comfortable passenger seat and tried to get glimpses of the full moon between the trees.  I knew in 30 minutes or so, I would have to help unload luggage and get this family of mine tucked into their new beds, but for right now, I just sat back and thanked the LORD for a Perfect Picnic.


–Your Roving Reporter

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  1. Bel McCoy says:

    Looks like a great day, and picnic!! I’ll pass on the wine, but live in little Woodinville that boasts about 80 wine tasting places!!!!! So glad you are having super trip times with your dear family!!


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