Headlines from Here to There, Day 2 Part 4: Pacific Coast Road Trip–Napa Valley–Make New Friends But Keep the Old


Newspaper Headlines from Here to There: Make New Friends but Keep the Old. . .

If I had to give our time with Rob and Jackie and their little guy–Mr. Adorable– a color, it would be “gold.”  There was just a golden cast on our three days together.  The golden hue wasn’t just in the fall colors, or the long winter light, but also in how I felt.  I hadn’t seen Jackie in over 18 years, and yet that friendship remains.  I also felt like this whole Pacific Coast Road Trip was a special gift to us, and that added to the glow.  Add to that great food, great fellowship, and great scenery, and you get a golden glow.

Make new friends, but keep the old.

One is silver and the other gold.


Thanks Rob and Jackie and Mr. Adorable!


–An old Friend


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