Welcome to My Whit’s End.  You may sometimes think that you have reached your wit’s end, but I live at My Whit’s End.  I painted this number a few years back.  The jalopy is supposed to represent this family.  The road is our journey, and the Celestial City is our destination.  The letters for “Whit’s End” are supposed to mimic the letters of the LAND’S END catalog.  The sign shows the places we’ve lived.  We are just an ordinary family, bouncing along in our jalopy, and singing our songs.  Come share in our adventures and our odd odyssey (odyssey = epic journey.)  Here’s the Players.

My “Hunni” or “The Guy” is pictured here.  He flies for a living, and loves it.  He flies a Citation X.  In my words, it is a fat Lear Jet.  Flying takes him all over the country, but he still prefers to be home here at My Whit’s End.  Unfortunately, he spends much of his time home fixing things that we break.  His writing can mainly be found under the page “He said. . .”, but he also works on projects, so check for him under the “Projects” page.

This is the Mom of this household.  I spend most of my days wishing kids could exist without the piles of laundry they create.  From this house I run a school and a family–and yes, run is the correct verb.  I run the kids to practice, I run errands, I run ideas by my readers, I run.  I began writing after I had an awful day (See Rebecca’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day).  It was such a relief to share my day, that I haven’t stopped writing.    I am the author of all the posts entitled “whitsendmom.”  I make many references to books that I’ve read, and there is often a link to the book mentioned at the end of my post.  Thanks for stopping by.

The bookends of our family are boys.  The cute kid on the left is Little Big Guy (LBG for short.)  As much as he drives me crazy, I love him.  You will see lots of pictures of him playing baseball or soccer because that is our schedule–spring, summer, and fall.  He’s a keeper.  The baby is Little Man.  Please don’t tell anyone that we let our one year old drink Root Beer, they might question our parenting skills.

We have two girls.  One is sugar and the other is spice. The one on the left is sweetness personified, and the one on the right is filled with ginger.  Sugar goes by Scout (from “To Kill a Mockingbird”) and Spice goes by Eloise (as she is rawther like the Eloise in the books.)  You will get to know each one well, but you will never love them as much as I do.

So climb into our blue jalopy and bounce down some “less traveled roads” with us.


7 Responses to About

  1. Carol Isely says:

    I just love reading this site!!!


  2. Sharon Buchanan says:

    This is a favorite site of mine! 🙂




  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rebecca! We really enjoyed your recent Hank the Cowdog post and wanted to let you know we’d mentioned it on the official website: http://hankthecowdog.com/blog/hank-and-food-read-one-fans-fun-twist-on-hanks-love-of-breakfast-scraps. Thanks for the kind words!


  5. Linda says:

    Greetings Rebecca. Is it possible to get a better idea of how much of the various spices you use in your Russian Tea recipe? Thanks.


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