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Consider this page to be that comfy couch where you read, laugh, cry, think, re-think, and enjoy a good book.

Books are part of my heartbeat.  My thoughts, feelings, and language have been molded by them.  I buy books by the arm load and have trouble parting with most of them–except to give to a fellow book lover.  Of course THE BOOK is the Word of GOD.  Above a book it is GOD’s message.  Divinely inspired and living.

I was privileged to hear one of my favorite authors speak The Alexander McCall-Smith of “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.”  I was in love with his books, but when he came out in a kilt, I feel in love with him.  It has to do with my Scottish roots; I am sure.  Alexander McCall-Smith was asked which book had most influenced his writing, and his answer was, “the Anglican Hymnbook.”  My answer to the same question would have to be “the King James version of the Bible.”  I grew up with “thees” and “thous” and “hither to fors.”  I love the richness of the language of the King James Version of the Bible.

The second two books that have become a part of the rhythm of my thoughts is Kipling and Joel Chandler Harris.  I was a MK (missionary kid) and I remember my mom reading “On the banks of the great grey-green, greasy, Limpopo River all set about with feber-trees sat an Elephant’s Child. . .” the day we drove to the Brazilian Botanical Gardens.  The book came alive through the reading and became concreted in my thoughts when we toured the Botanical Gardens.   So if you hear me say, “O Best Beloved” or “‘satible curiosity”, it’s the Kipling rhythm coming out.

My mother often read aloud to us, and being born and raised in the South she could read with a southern dialect when the writing required it.  And so, we were introduced to Uncle Remus and Brer Bear, Brer Fox, and Brer Rabbit.  If I ever slip into a southern drawl and use some southern talk, it is Uncle Remus holler’n at me ‘cross the years.  He sure like to spin his yarns on summer porches and winter fi-airs.

Here at My Whit’s End we have our own online book club.  Come join us while we read together.

I’d love to hear which book or author has most influence you.  Add it in the comments section and thanks again for coming along.

Quotable Quotes

Quotable Quotes Winner


Whit’s End Book Club–Hello Again.

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Book Review–Good Book Lists

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Winner Announced and New Book for the Book Club

The Education of Little Tree–Little Tree 1

The Education of Little Tree–The Way 2

The Education of Little Tree–Shadows on a Cabin Wall 3

The Education of Little Tree–Fox and Hounds 4

The Education of Little Tree–”I Kin Ye, Bonnie Bee” 5

The Education of Little Tree–To Know the Past 6

The Education of Little Tree–Pine Billy 7

“OUT OF AFRICA” by Isak Dinesin

How to Wear a Shirt, Winners, and My Whit’s End Book Club

I.  Kamante and Lulu

Out of Africa–The Ngong Farm

Out of Africa–A Native Child

Out of Africa–The Savage in the Immigrant’s House

Out of Africa–A Gazelle

II. A Shooting Accident on the Farm

Out of Africa–The Shooting Accident

Out of Africa–Riding in the Reserve

Out of Africa–Wamai

Out of Africa–Wanyangerri

Out of Africa–A Kikuyu Chief

III. Visitors to the Farm

Out of Africa–Big Dances

Out of Africa–A visitor from Asia

Out of Africa–Somali Woman

Out of Africa–Old Knudsen

Out of Africa–A fugitive Rests on the Farm

Out of Africa–Visits of Friends 

Out of Africa–The Noble Pioneer

Out of Africa–Wings

IV.  From An Immigrant’s Notebook

Out of Africa–From an Immigrant’s Notebook

Out of Africa–From an Immigrant’s Notebook II

V.  Farwell to the Farm

Out of Africa–Hard Times

Out of Africa–The Death of Kinanjui

Out of Africa–The Grave in the Hills

Out of Africa–Farah and I Sell Out

Out of Africa–Farewell

Out of Africa Quiz

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