Consider this the kitchen table of the blog.  The place where all crafts, sewing, glueing, and general messes take place.  The kitchen table has to be the center of creativity.  This page houses the archives of all the projects we post.  Some may involve power tools, some just scissors and glue, and a few might be about sewing.  So if you have the urge to “craft” or you just need a good laugh, come back and check out this page.  (Don’t you want to know what “The Guy” is sewing?)  He finished it, but hasn’t written about it yet.  Maybe if we pester him some more he will tell us.


Projects–Aprons for the Ladies in my Life

Curly Girl Potholder

Projects–Potholders I Love.

Valentines, “I Love You Sew Much!”

The Year of the Budget and the Fur Coat

Skinny Jeans to Shorts


Sketch Book Chair

CRAFTS:  Kids/VBS/Sunday School/Rainy Day

Sunday School Fish Books

Sunday School Project–Finished Fish Books

Valentines, “I Love You Sew Much!”

Almost Free Christmas Gifts for Kids

Face Painting–it was Grandma’s idea

Lightning Bug T-shirts

Treasured Boxes

HOMESCHOOLING: Ideas/Projects/How-To

159 copy

Teaching Kindergarten

SOAP!–a guest post from Lynda’s Pen

1 Response to Projects

  1. Mom and Dad Whit says:

    Yes I do!! Is he related to his father?? I can’t begin to number all the times my sewing machine was operated by someone other than me. (And very crafty he (the father) is.


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