That is my Hunni’s hands holding a very precious book.  Without this Book, the WORD of GOD, my life would be empty.  I wouldn’t know love.  I wouldn’t believe in anything.  I would be in darkness.  Because of this Book, I know that CHRIST died for my sins.  I know that I have an eternal place in HIS heaven.   And “I know that my REDEEMER liveth.”

Sunday is a special day.  It is The LORD’s Day.  I added a page for a collection of all my Sunday Thoughts.  Consider this the quiet space on my blog.  Meditate.  Enjoy. And feel free to add any thoughts of your own.

2.5 Billion

Depressing Christianity


Finger Tutting John 3:16

Abigail the Mother

Sunday School Project–Finished Fish Books

FATHER Keep Them!

Green Grass–John 6:10


My Favorite Hymn


Lift Up!


Tender Shepherd

Prodigal Son vrs. Perfect Son

We Need Rain

Why Do I Save?

Prayer is. . . .

Beautify the Meek


The Pilot’s Compass

The Rocks Didn’t Cry Out

Seeds of Thought

Little Lambs

Little Bits of Loveliness-Sunday, May 22, 2011

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